Backspace to go back to the previous page is not working at all

  • Whenever I click on backspace, usually with other browsers I have used it will go back to the previous page, but with Vivaldi, it either doesn't work or it starts deleting my bookmarks. I have gone into the settings to try and resolve the problem but nothing really works so I'm sure this is some kind of bug? If so I would love for this strange bug to be fixed since it is rather annoying.

  • Moderator

    Works perfectly here. What sort of system are you on, which version of Vivaldi are you running, and what special conditions might be affecting your setup?

  • I use a macintosh system running OSX El Capitan and I am currently running version 1.1.453.52. I went through my keyboard shortcuts to make sure everything is all good and still nothing changes.


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