How save bookmarks ?

  • How save bookmarks ? I wish reinstall windows or install Vivaldi on another PC. How proceed ?

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    Look at the "Help/about" page - the line that starts "Profile Path:" That tells you where your "default" folder is. The bookmarks file is in that folder. Save that file.

  • Thank you, but it`s very complicated for normal user and NOT WORK.
    Vivaldi browser not recognize these files (Bookmarks).
    Try himself and then post here.

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    It works. You don't do it in your browser, but when the browser is not running. It is not a browser function.

    Perhaps you can find someone to describe it to you in your native language. The file is just a file (not a folder) named Bookmarks, and it has no file extension. It is easily saved or backed up and easily added to other installations of the browser.

    If you would like to do it differently, you can export Vivaldi's Bookmarks to an HTML file (Menu -> File -> Export Bookmarks) and then import that file to new instances of Vivaldi wherever you install them.

  • THANK YOU verry much, now it`s OK.
    I set Orizontal Menu on Settings - Aspect and now everything is clear (like Opera 12).


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