[Suggestion] Showing mouse gesture

  • The more mouse gestures Vivaldi is going to offer, the more complicated they're going to be. In this case I think it'd be very useful for user to see the actual pattern he's making while trying to make a mouse gesture. When the gesture recognition engine starts to track user input as a new mouse gesture, it may show mouse path it's tracking with a thick bright colored line (shown as overlay over current web page). When gesture is recognized and action is performed that line should disappear immediately. I saw this behavior in other apps / browsers and it's proven to be very useful for both users (to train themselves in making proper gestures) and developers (to troubleshoot the functionality)... My suggestion is - offer us (users) a new option [i]Show Gestures[/i] in [i]Settings | Mouse | Gestures[/i] page. If checked, user could see his gesture on the screen. Otherwise - no signs of making gesture (as it is right now).

  • +1, a mouse trail would be very handy!

  • I don't use mouse trail. But I guess it would be nice to have it.

    But I like one other feature of Firefox extension FireGestures. Sure it has also mouse trail. But I like its Status display feature (Lower left corner):

    So let's say when it would be enabled in Vivaldi, for current default Close Tab action it would have in status:

    Mouse Gesture: DR (Close Tab)

  • I have to concur, having the visual trail and text status of the mouse gesture actions would be very nice, yes, just like FireGesture. These are the details that, in sum total with the many other fine qualities offered by Vivaldi, that will just make it even more attractive.



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