Where Is Adblocker?

  • I installed Adblocker+ recently, but it is not working. There are so many adds when I do a DuckDuck search that I can barely focus on the search results. I know I installed it, but I can't find where it "lives" so to speak, to see if I need to enable more features. Where can I find it in Vivaldi?

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    You ca hit the Adblock+ button to get the popup and changes Options. Or you can open the Extensions Manager by Ctrl+Shift+E and go to the Extension in the list and hit Options.

    With Adguard i only get one Ad in DuckDuckGo.

  • Thanks Gwen Dragon. Turns out I never installed Adblocker in the first place. I thought I did but somehow it failed. Anyway, it was much easier to install Adguard, so I'll see how that works.
    It works great, and Vivaldi is much faster now!

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    Ah, i'm very happy about this 😉


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