Native ad blocker?

  • The Vivaldi also come up with an native advertising blocker something like Opera?

  • I would love something like a native ad-blocker. I use uBlock Origin, which is great, but something native would work better with the browser itself, and would take up less RAM/CPU, which is a big bonus.

    Maybe they could also do something like Brave, where they can replace ads with their own, or have the option to turn them off as well. This could help them as an extra stream of revenue. Brave is Chromium-based, but also runs on Electron, which would also be nice if Vivaldi could build Electron for them to use it at some point.

  • Hi,

    Vivaldi has only really basic (and I guess in the wild useless) Content blocker in Page Actions. You can check it in file "Content_blocker.css" in install folder:



    It would be nice to implement something more sophisticated. But I guess it would take a lot of work to catch up to best blocker extensions. Other point is that as Extension it can be used also in Chromium, and maybe other Browsers as separated product. But I'm not so sure about CPU/RAM consumption. I guess it could be better, but still not much of a difference I think.
    For now my best suggestion goes for [uBlock Origin]( + [uMatrix]( But sure, if there was a way to implement native blocker based on these two, it would be perfect solution. Still I think it won't have priority anytime soon, if ever.

  • You can check it in file "Content_blocker.css" in install folder:

    Where is this file located on macOS?


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