Bookmark again.

  • I am very happy to finally have a mouse ONE click can open the link. :cheer: Thank You developers! But how do I add [b]quickly[/b] opened a web page? If you press the [b]+[/b] button, the displayed URL field is empty. It would be very beneficial if this field is picking up the opened web page URL. Then only OK and you're done.

  • Moderator

    If you click on any folder or subfolder on the bookmark bar, you are offered the option to "add active tab" to it.

    You can also drag any url from the address bar to any folder in the bookmark side panel, or you can drag it to the bookmark bar.

  • Yes, it works from the URL field of drag. Thanks. Not bad. I am not using bookmark bar (Ctrl-Shift-B), only side bar (F6). Therefore, I did not know about it. But now that I have seen that the "add active tab" opportunity, I do not understand why the + button does not mean? You think?

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    I couldn't say. I only know how a lot of these things work - not why they are that way.


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