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  • Panels are something I use daily, absolutely brilliant feature in my opinion. My issue with them is the lack of ability to reorder the icons for each panel. I like to keep them organised into Genres, Social, News, Sports, Shopping, etc

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    Unless you have dozens of panels it's not too hard to re-order them.

    • Right-click on a panel icon and copy the address.
    • Delete the panel
    • Add it back at the bottom of the list.

  • I know this work around, but I'm making a suggestion for an easier more user friendly options

  • I agree. Why should you have to open the panel, copy it and then delete the old one? You would think you would be able to reorder them and same with the extensions as well.

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    @magicfortune - Patience...

  • @Ayespy I know. Sorry.

  • @Ayespy said in Organise Panels:

    @magicfortune - Patience...

    Aha!!! Dare i hope that your remark above, might be kinda sorta maybe related to our recent corro in the blog? ...

    *Ayespy 2 days ago
    Ran into something backstage today that I'll actually be kind of excited to see included in a public snapshot - see how the public reacts. I'm perhaps overly jazzed about it, and some people may think "so what?" But still I want it to see the light of day.

    Steffie 2 days ago
    Ooooh, you big tease!!

    Ayespy 2 days ago
    I know. Right?*

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    @Steffie - Sorry , no. I don't care about extensions, because I don't use them. I have no idea when movable extension icons might appear. The item I mentioned on the blog is not something I think anyone would be expecting, waiting for, or looking forward to. But I think they'd like it when they see it.

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