[BUG] Vivaldi not properly exiting fullscreen

  • When I watch a YouTube video, in fullscreen mode, then use control-w to close the tab, Vivaldi is still in fullscreen mode. I then have to push f11 to get it back out of fullscreen.

  • Moderator

    That is a old bug, not so high priority to fix yet.

  • I would not call it a bug at all. If I was browsing in fullscreen mode, I would not expect, nor want Ctrl W to close a tab to exit fullscreen mode.

    In Opera 12.17 my shortcut for close tab (Ctrl W) exits YouTube fullscreen mode without closing the tab. I think the current Vivaldi behaviour is far better.

    I don't think it should make any difference how you get into fullscreen mode. F11 or Escape should exit it, not Ctrl W.


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