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  • So I just downloaded Vivaldi and its might fine if i do say so myself 😛 ok that was weird but yes its very good but i just have one question. On the start page where it shows "speed dials", when you add a page it just shows what it looks like when you go to that page. Ex: Youtube [img size=500][/img] I was wondering if its possible to add a custom icon or something like that like everything else on the page. The YouTube one just looks out of place because it isnt special like the others. This is what i want it to look like: [img size=500][/img] Im not sure if this is possible but if not it should be, it would be a good feature. Thanks

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    One of the FAQs.

    It will come sooner or later.

    Meanwhile, see Customising Speed Dial Thumbs

  • On the Customising you Speed Dial thumbs page, it says:

    "So, to begin with, the thumbs are stored inside the 'Top Sites' file inside your user profile, which is an SQL Database file. You can check where your profile is by opening the About page."

    Where can I find the SQL Database file? It is kinda confusing because I've never used a SQL editor or anything like this. He also says:

    "Now, you need to open the file with an SQL file editor/browser. I'll be using DB Browser for SQLite that's available for all OSes Vivaldi is compatible. Remember that Vivaldi has to be closed to edit the file."

    I have DB Browser for SQLite downloaded but I can't find the SQL Database file. Any help? Thanks

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    It would be best to ask in the linked thread.

    I would rather wait for this to be implemented than spend my time hacking the Top Sites file. That is just too much work.


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