Setting exceptions with session cookies

  • I hope it's a simple basic question. How to set up exceptions with Session Only cookies? My settings are: [i]Privacy | Cookies | Session Only[/i] I use similar settings in Slimjet, Iron, Chromium browsers and all allow me to set exceptions for specific domains (e.g. this site). All other sites enjoy session-only cookies, while I can login automatically in small set of my friendly domains.

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    For setting to Session cookies open vivaldi://settings/privacy/
    Section Cookies
    (*) Session only

    For setting exceptiones
    open chrome://settings/contentExceptions#cookies
    and add the domain for exception

  • @Gwen-Dragon - thank you. It worked!

    ```gets converted to


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    Yes, the redirected vivaldi://… URL do not work at this time, that has to be fixed. But as the chrome://... URLs for settings work, that fix has not so high priorities.


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