TABS ,yes TABS, this is a TABS topic, about the TABS that has a TABS suggestion f,or the TABS

  • It's awesome!!!! I have BitDefender to thank when I found y'all, when our disagreement came to and agreement, for a couple of months, from the download install only being offered, instead of an stand-alone installer, In my experiment and I install every browser made to see if the a/v would install, I'm glad I had to do what to now. Vivaldi is the only one that stayed pm my laptop. Okay I'm done kissing the back end. Right now the tabs options are not making me love Vivaldi as much as I did right now, when I use address bars home or refresh. it every time, but feels like i do, is activate the show tab thumbs and some times i hit the stink with it to and activate the show popup thumbnails and 1/3 of my screen is a big giant tab...I don't use mouse gestures and any and all of those options are off.. Tried as much could and download a program such as Winero, who thinks they're AOL and have a say on what I can or can not do. With the abundance of options for tabs already, I would suggest the options for the thumbs and the thumbnails move to the Vivaldi button and only activated by checking the box. The tabs are really good, but only little close to Opera 12 and those we so legendary, an a number was said no one heard then wanted to know what it was when 13 was released, him and his mother were blessed by 99.99% of the we're "downgraded" back to 12 , it would be impossible to know many times his mother and him were personally blessed by every single Opera user in the world at once. I'm on build 1.1.453.52 (Stable channel) (64-bit) With Violent Monkey that has like 15 scripts


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