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  • Hello, I am having an issue with any extension. They install successfully and work, but when i click on the Icon, nothing happens. For example, I have a VPN installed, but when I click on the icon beside the address bar nothing happens. It would be helpful if someone could suggest a fix. Thanks

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    If you klick with left mouse on the extension button in address bar nothing happens?
    Never had this – and i test very much versions (public an internal builds).
    Strange problem.

    Which Vivaldi version? Which extensions do not work? Which Windows OS?

  • I was able to fix this issue by reinstalling Vivaldi and then restarting.


  • Just as a FYI, extensions were working fine until today and now it's the same for me: click on the icons, nothing happens.
    Not working (all the ones I have):
    Emoji Keyboard

    on Windows 10, Vivaldi 1.1.453.52 (Stable channel) (32 bits)

    I will go for the uninstall/reinstall later but it's not the most convenient. ;)

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    Sorry to hear these problems. i never had such problems but i am using not your extensions.

    May be one updated extension results in some problem.
    Try this:
    1. Open Extension manager with Ctrl+Shift+E
    2. Deactivate all Extensions
    3. Activate a extension
    4. test if the buttons work
    5. Redo Step 3 until all extensions activated

    Try install a Latest Snapshot from https://vivaldi.net/en-US/

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