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  • Hi, there I am Vishal from India. I just saw Austin Evan's video of Best browsers. and installed vivaldi, its pretty cool. I was looking for a chrome alternative and I guess I found one. I was just wondering if I switch to vivaldi permanently how am I gonna access my bookmarks/passwords/history on other pcs/os ?

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    Vivaldi is working hard on getting sync ready, but it's not done yet. XMarks is working to sync between computers and platforms, and in some cases you can merely copy a file. But just yet, Vivaldi does not have sync available.

    Edit: I should be clear - XMarks was not working when 1.1 stable was released. It is working, however, on the most recent 1.2 snapshot.

  • Why does Vivaldi need to build it's own sync method (servers and everything) to do this? Why can't it just sync with Google bookmarks like Chrome and Slimjet do?

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    Because Vivaldi is not a Chrome browser like Chrome and Slimjet are. The sync function is built in to the actual browser structure, not the engine. Vivaldi uses the same engine as Chrome and Slimjet, but the browser itself is completely different. Even the bookmarks database structure in Vivaldi is different from that of Chrome and Slimjet. And the only way Vivaldi can incorporate all of the features that it aims for is to use a browser structure which is completely different from Chrome, and built on completely different technologies.

  • I see now. Thanks for the clear explanation.

  • Great Browser. I am ready to drop Chrome, but I need Xmarks operational… looking out for v1.2...
    Once again... well done...

  • Xmarks is working for me in the latest snapshot.

  • The bookmarks alone are just a text file.

    It's pretty easy to keep it synchronized using a personal cloud/web/ftp service and a sync tool like rsync on unix or powertoys on windows.

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