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  • I noticed that most pages will ask me to login everytime I open them for the first time in the session, or after a while a closed the tabs; Vivaldi does remember my login datas, but I still have to login everytime, and everytime I click on the "remember me" option. It does not happen with all sites (not with youtube for instance) but with many! Anybody else having similar issues?

  • Nobody else had similar problems? I'm having this problem on 3 out of the 3 computers I installed Vivaldi on, the behaviour is just weird, it looks random, sometimes it is not necessary to re-login; now it also happen on tabs that are stil open (as in: asks me to log in, I then go to another tab, go back to the first one and I have to log in once again).

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    I dont know the sites you visit. Not easy to say or test. I never had this for my forums or blogs but i am on Windows (32bit) and Linux (64bit) with latest Vivaldi versions.

    Any extensions on your Vivaldi? Do you have special cookie settings? May be some sites logout (with expired cookies/Session id) after a duration of action?
    Which Vivaldi and Mac OSX version?

  • Thanks for answering, you're right, that wasn't detailed enough:
    I'm on Vivaldi 1.1.453.52 and I installed it on three computers running respectively Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan (all up to date of course).
    I'm running a few extensions but they were all installed after I had this problem the first time; anyway the extensions are: findflix (netflix search enhancer), disconnect, disconnect search, evernote and youtube plus.
    As I said this mistake seems to have something random about it, it doesn't happen on google-related logins (that's what I'm guessing since it never happens on youtube for instance), it does happen on a number of social networks, the site that gives me this trouble more than any other (by far!) is, but it only happens at times and I'm having troubles identifying what could trigger this.

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    Oh, if you cant reproduce it always, ist a problem for us to test it.
    On Mac, you say, reddit logs you out if you close a tab? But not always. Strange.

  • I know this is a old topic but the problem persist and now I found some sort of 'pattern' to actually cause it:
    I used to say this problem wasn't affecting youtube and I was wrong.
    I have 3 accounts, they're all linked to gmail: 1st one is my personal youtube account; the 2nd one is not really a yt account, but youtube automatically sees it since that's my main email and I'm usually logged into that gmail account when I browse; the 3rd one is an account I have for a side youtube project I'm working on with a friend (who never actually use it personally, so I'm the only one actually loggin into it).
    I'm always logged into my main account (1st one), every time I want to switch to the 3rd one, I go and click on my icon in the top right corner of the site, and I can only see the first 2 accounts. I then add the third one and log into it; as soon as I switch to the first one again, the login of the the third one disappears and I have to repeat the process.
    This happens every single time, even if that's the only tab I'm using.

  • I've been having this bug for months too. Windows 10, I update regularly, I still get logged off every website that have a session. Be it Facebook, Gmail, Evernote, or any other site. No login information is kept and every time I start Vivaldi I have to re-login every account.

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    @steak Which MacOS do you use?
    Or was this a fault?

    I've been having this bug for months too. Windows 10, I update regularly

    Please ask here for Windows


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