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  • Took me a few minutes to realise this browser is a copy from an old-dated Chrome version, but with tons of extra's. Anyway, I thought: Hey since they obviously copied Chrome, lets see if they copied the flags as well. And so you did! I use it for hijacking my own browser and make it into something I personally want. Therefore my simple question: Will the flags (vivaldi://flags) stay? Or will it be removed,..? Copy pasted by accident? or? Another question, which is quite off-topic: Which chrome version did you copy? Just to know, since I don't see any chrome feature from the last 3 updates. I THINK I could check for myself and almost be precise on exactly which version was copied, but asking it here first would be easier. Like I said: I think this, for all sake, I might be wrong. vivaldi://flags#enable-devtools-experiments This is one, is quite important for me and my job. Todo: Check if you handled the font-rendering problem, which Chrome and Mozilla (mos and webkit, lets say) haven't fixed yet and are working on it as we speak. I will assume: Copied chrome (and working with webkit) => font-rendering problem will be the same in this browser. Above all, when Chrome fixes it. Vivaldi will be left behind, isn't? Meh.. Should be a new issue this last 'todo'.

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    They are using the Blink engine, and updating it as the engine updates. Many of the underlying structures are in place, and several are not. Right now the rendering engine used is Chromium 50. The browser itself is written in HTML5, React, and js. In that way, it shares nothing with Chrome and does not use native elements from your OS. That means that development can be faster, but is also means that many features already present in browsers or systems have to be written from scratch, and that no other app including the underlying engine, recognizes Vivaldi's window, as a "window."

  • Thank you.
    That was actually a good informational answer.


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