Why is Web Protection of antivirus software not able to work well?

  • Hello. I'm using the latest version of Vivaldi Browser. I have some questions about relation between browser and Bitdefender Security Software. I introduced the Bitdefender total security 2016 to my desktop PC. I'm turning on "Scan SSL" and "Search Advisor" at control panel of Bitdefender. But these function are not work well on Vivaldi Browser. For example, I accessed to the official site of EICAR test virus, and clicked the button of "eicar .com" under the SSL protocol, but Bitdefender Total Security did not block downloading that file. When I use Internet Explorer after turned on "Scan SSL", the Bitdefender can detect EICAR test virus immediately and block downloading the file. Q: Why the Bitdefender SSL scan is not able to work on Vivaldi Borwser? And How do you enable SSL scan of antivirus software on your Vivaldi? Thank you. NOTE: I cannot use English well, so please answer by simple English...

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    You may ask your Antivirus program's support why theri extension is not supported in Vivaldi.

  • Thank you for your reply.
    I see about it. I will ask Bitdefender Support about working of web protection.


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