[Feature Request] Web Panels Notifications

  • It could be nice to have notifications overlay on web panels. For examples counters for "new incoming messages/updates" for web apps. In this way we can quick check web panels for updates instead of keeping tabs opened. Do you have any plan for this stuff on your roadmap? Thanks

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    I have two email accounts, a shopping list, calendar, Google Hangout and Feedly active as my web panel. It would be awesome if they have notification badge like on mobile.

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    I thought this feature was already available on Vivaldi but I was not able to activate it. If you don't already have it, you must add it Devs!

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    @tchelows Vivaldi does have it - but the mobile versions of sites (which is what usually appears in the panel) mostly do not.

  • @ayespy said in [Feature Request] Web Panels Notifications:

    @tchelows Vivaldi does have it - but the mobile versions of sites (which is what usually appears in the panel) mostly do not.

    What's the real difference on this issue between Opera and Vivaldi? With Opera, the notifications work perfectly fine, as in the picture below, but not on Vivaldi.


    I also tested this on both, Linux and Windows.

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    @kalib They are two entirely different functions. On Opera, that's not a web panel. That's a sidebar app. Totally different thing.

  • @ayespy in this case, is it possible to have a sidebar app? Or is not even in the plans? But I got your point. That's also probably why on opera the app will come above the other tab, as in front of it, instead of pushing the other tab to the right, dividing the screen in two.

  • @kalib such extensions running in a sidebar are planned. But i have no timeline.

  • @gwen-dragon Got it. Thanks.

  • Does anyone use Facebook Messenger as a web panel?
    I submitted a bug VB-34253 before I find here today. But now I know there is a known problem to detect notification on a mobile-version website.

    However, I use the desktop-version website like Facebook Messenger for a while, and neither can I get a notification!
    I'm curious if it is just me or everyone can't get a notification(or indicator) on Facebook Messenger.

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