Some small general feedback

  • From what I've used so far, I know this is going to be a really nice browser. My current complaints are small and should be easy to add: [b]The Good[/b] [ul] [li]Coloured tabs/address bar works really nicely[/li] [li]Everything loads reasonably fast already[/li] [li]It looks good in basically all areas. I love the modern aesthetic.[/li] [/ul] [b]The bad(ish)[/b] [ul] [li]Tabs don't extend to the the top of the screen. I usually move my mouse as far up as possible when I want to middle-click close a tab. It's annoying not being able to do this coming from chrome.[/li] [li]There is no obvious way to access private browsing (at least not that I can see).[/li] [li]Needs an option to sort bookmarks by name (at least).[/li] [/ul] Most of these are just minor issues I have coming from chrome. I'd honestly switch to this browser once a few of the smaller issues I have with it are ironed out. Obviously some of these things might not be wanted in the browser, and that's of course fine. It's the devs product after all. Just thought I'd give some insight into what an end user like myself might be interested in seeing :) Thanks!

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