Is there anyway to make Vivaldi use google instead of bing

  • just as the title says. Is there anyway for vivaldi to use google search instead of the default bing one?

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    just as the title says. Is there anyway for vivaldi to use google search instead of the default bing one?

    Of course. Just go into tools/settings/search and set google as the default search engine.

  • Ayespy said in Is there anyway to make Vivaldi use google instead of bing:

    set google as the default search engine.

    This response, just like the Search documentation , just tells you to do what you want to accomplish. It doesn't tell you how to do it (and neither does that documentation page). I go to Settings / Search and I can see the search engines listed under the Search Engines section, but right-clicking them has no context menu and dragging them (like customising a toolbar) doesn't do anything either. It would be nice instead of the "just do it" responses there was a "do it this way" explanation.

    I'm used to being able to add and remove search engines with Pale Moon's search field. I tend to add Startpage and delete everything else (most of them I've never heard of, so I see no benefit to searching them). I'm even happy to use something along the lines of about:config to purge all the search engines I'll never use if that's the only way to do it.

    I'm using Vivaldi v1.7.735.46 for the first time today, having been using only Netscape Communicator and Pale Moon for many years, so I might have missed something.

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    @Mammal: If you go to Settings/Search and hover a search engine, you will see three circles appear to the right of it. One of these circles is a check mark, and if you click it you will have set that search engine to be your default. The other two circles are to edit, or to delete that search engine.

    If you decide to use Google as default, you will notice that search suggestions no longer show for the address bar. Solve this using the "edit" (the pencil) circle. When you click on it, you will see an empty "Suggest URL" field. Enter the URL: in that field, and then click "ok." That will save the URL and thereafter Google search suggestions will appear for the address bar and/or the search bar, if you turn them on in settings.

  • @Mammal -- in Tools/Settings/Search, point your mouse pointer at google in the search engines list, & observe how automagically in the rhs column 3 little icons appear. Click on the "tick" to make google your default, & [optionally] click the Edit one if you wish to make some changes.

  • @Ayespy -- spluttered cusses. 🙂

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    @Steffie: Type faster.

  • Go to your settings (Alt+P), and click on the Search on the left side. You'll see a list of your search engines. In the list of search engines the default search engine will have a checkmark icon next to it.

    When you hover your mouse over any search engine, 3 icons appear to the right of the search engine. No right-click is needed. If you hover your mouse over the icons, a tool-tip will pop up indicating what the icon does.

    There is a checkmark icon - this will set the search engine as default.
    There is a pencil icon - this will let you edit the search engine.
    There is an X icon - this will let you remove any search engine.

    You want to click on the checkmark icon.

  • @Mammal
    So, you want a complete step by step how to do it, a complete side by side comparison how to set things between applications/browsers. Maybe some screenshots?
    Also expect other applications/browsers implement or work the same way as your previous one?

    Why sound so upset?
    You could just ask if it's not clear, there's a lot of people here eager to help.
    The Mods are busy volunteer people like the rest of us & you.

  • @Mammal
    This part of Vivaldi settings.

    • Adding new Search Engine (SE) is same with other browsers. The usual right click on search input box and choose "Add as Search Engine".
    • We still has problem with SE with post method. As like Chromium/Chrome, Vivaldi is not yet support post settings.
    • Editing the existing SE is on same place like image above. It's the one with pencil icon.

  • Thankyou all.

    Sorry dLeon if I sounded upset. I recognise that this project is very much a work in progress and is being developed and improved by enthusiasts and volunteers. I must admit I was a little frustrated. Experienced users know that every GUI program adhering to WIMP principles has a menubar (a global one for MacOS / Ubuntu / OSX, and a menubar for every individual window on other OSes) which exposes every capability of the product. And exploring the Edit menu to Preferences, or the Tools menu to Options, will bring you to a dialogue box where you can customise the software. I had found my way that far by myself because Vivaldi designers respect the established precedent and that's great. It was once I could see the list of Search Engines I couldn't do what I wanted. Like any responsible newbie, I searched the online documentation, the support forum and IRC, but only found instructions of how to get to the relevant settings (the easy part) but not what to do once there (the hard part). Your explanation(s) were the key, and I hope they'll be added to the official documentation.

    In the mean time, I found that I could set the search engine myself:

    • using the search field:
      • make sure nothing is typed into the search field
      • left click in the search field at the very left edge
      • select Startpage
    • using the Start Page
      • menubar / Tools / Settings... / Startup / Startup with: Start Page
      • quit and then relaunch Vivaldi
      • at the "Speed Dial" page go to the rightmost open tab called "History"
      • click "Clear Browsing Data..."
      • click "Cancel"
      • scroll up from the Privacy heading to the Search heading and click "Manage Search Engines"
      • move the cursor to the right-hand edge of the three rows (Google (currently the default, so it must be a different preference to what I'd set in the Searchfield), "Bing" and Yahoo) but don't click yet
      • wait a while and ghostly widgets will appear allowing Set to default and mysterious "X" which has a tooltip explaining clicking it deletes that row from the table
      • I deleted "Bing" and Yahoo and left Google as default
    • and now, using your screenshot as a guide, I went to:
      • menubar / Tools / Settings... / Search / Search Engines
      • "Bing" was currently the default, so it must be a different preference to what I'd set in the Searchfield (set to Startpage) and in the other settings (set to Google)
      • I hovered the cursor around but couldn't manage to delete "Bing" by clicking the ghostly "X"
      • I hovered the cursor around until I could set Startpage to default by clicking the ghostly tick
      • after that, I could delete "Bing" and the others by clicking the ghostly "X"es

    So it seems there are three different places you can assign the search engine, each of which doesn't know about the others. I was able to figure out how to assign two of them, and thankyou (all) for walking me through how to configure the third location. Search is all working well for me now!


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