Set filter grayscale as default

  • The marvelous 'Filter Grayscale' Page Action is a soothes my chronic digital fatigue like nobody's business. If I could only figure out how to make this my default for all pages all the time...I would consider my condition cured. 😎

  • You can get Stylebot extension .
    Click on the 'css' extension icon, chose options, styles, press 'Enable Global Stylesheet', then 'Edit Global Stylesheet' then paste:

    html {
        -webkit-filter: contrast(80%) brightness(115%) grayscale(100%) ;
    There are probably better extensions for this but it took me 2mins to find one that gets the job done.
    If you want other filters then search for a file with its name in vivaldi folder, example file: Filter_Grayscale.css then copy the content into Stylebot.


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