Always Allow Popups not honored for that tab

  • When a popup gets blocked, a little icon appears on the right side of the address bar. I can click it and then select always allow popups. This option is not honored unless I open a new tab. If I reload the same website in the same tab after selecting this option, the popups are still blocked. Vivaldi is my favorite browser! Keep up the good work!

  • Also, if I close the window, open a new one, and then go back to that website, the popups are blocked again. So basically the only scenario where the popups are not blocked is opening a new tab in the same window and then going to that website.

  • I wish there was a public issue tracker so with stuff like this, I could see if this previously submitted, being looked into, scheduled to be worked on, or if a fix was already released in a non-stable release.

  • There are no pop-up settings (that I can find) on the Settings page. Maybe the feature isn't complete yet. Vivaldi is still in the stage where many planned features are under construction and haven't arrived in public releases. My assumption is that working on them is a larger priority than maintaining a bug tracker and fixing smaller issues. Furthermore, public bug trackers can be a serious security concern if not administered very carefully. Mozilla got bitten by this when security issues that hadn't been fixed yet got inadvertently leaked through Bugzilla. A person with access to them had used the same password on other, unrelated sites.


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