Gmail web client hangs

  • Hello, I've started using Vivaldi a few weeks ago and I find it really great :). I'm using several tabs the same time, two of them are pinned tabs from gmail web clients from two different accounts. It works without any problems, but I found that two/three times a day, the gmail tabs hangs. It does not respond to any click or keyboard, but it displays properly. Other tabs / new tabs works without any problem. Restart of Vivaldi helps and everything works for another few hours. Any idea how to fix it? Kind, Krzysztof

  • 😞 I have also experienced the Gmail Web Client hanging with a restart of the browser being the only solution. Further, all Google web clients hang. I have Google Voice, Calendar, and Contacts open in tabs. When one hangs, all the others do so as well. No other tabs hang.

    That and other niggling issues are making me reconsider my choice of Vivaldi. Firefox is a pig and it's slow but at least it remains steadfastly useable.

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