Support for Chrome Apps?

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    I tried to install the GeoGebra Chrome App from [url=][/url] Notice it's an App and not an extension. The installation process appeared to go well, but after install I can't seen to find it anywhere. Where do the Chrome Apps end up in Vivaldi?

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    Ha, I solved it myself

    In Google Chrome, the Apps are found at chrome://apps
    So I entered the same in Vivaldi and Presto, I got my apps including the one I had just installed.
    I made sure to store a bookmark on the bookmarks bar and everything is fine.

    I also tried to creat a web panel of it, but that was not a success. The horizontal design of the Apps page does not do well in the reduced width of the web panel.

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    There is a difference though, between Chrome and Vivaldi.

    Chrome has a special setting "Place Apps shortcut on the bookmarks bar"
    Now that I have added my own App shortcut ot the bookmarks bar and with Xmarks bookmarks sync fully functional, I ended up with 2 in Chrome. So I had to disable that option again.

    Maybe a good idea to also add the option "Add Apps icon"?

  • Yeah!I just have the same problem.So,You've given the solution.Thx!

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