Dead bookmarks when one of too much on bookmarkbar

  • Who has experienced difficulties using a bookmark on the bookmarkbar when it is hidden,because of too much bookmarks on the bookmarkbar? (version 1.2.470.11)

  • Moderator

    Several people have mentioned it.

  • I did have some issues with the bookmarks as well, sometimes I would add bookmarks but they wouldn't appear anyway, I later noticed that they did came out if searched from the toolbar menu and I started searching for em adding them to the toolbar; it later stopped happening; in the last few hours the problem did not persist. I had this problem on two computers, the first one, runing e capitan, was having a bit more trouble; the second one, running Yosemite, only did that once for now.

  • I too am experiencing this. All bookmarks that exceed the Bookmark Bar space are dead. This was not the case before the last snapshot.


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