Quick commands: bookmarks: Ctrl+B is a bad idea

  • Hi, I like the Vivaldi browser :cheer: . However, I also use it to check and respond to my e-mails. So It's kind of a word processor as well. And as such it's a bad idea to assign Ctrl+B to "Bookmarks" 😞 , since most editors accept Ctrl+B to be "bold". Please, use another, non common keyboard shortcut or give the user the possibility to change the default keyboard shortcuts.

  • In tools - settings - keyboard you can remove or change this shortcut within the windows section.

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    Vivaldi Settings: Go boldly where many of us have gone before. 😉

    I agree. Ctrl B while editing a post opens the Bookmarks Manager, which is not too convenient.

    Ctrl Shift B might be a better default.

  • +1 To switching to a better default.
    Ctrl Shift B Works fine in chrome

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    I submitted a bug report for this:

    (VB-17731) Default Shortcut for Bookmarks Manager Should not be Ctrl B


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