Option to save tabs only from the current window while saving a session

  • Dear Team, Vivaldi has filled in the gap that was created when Opera deviated from its path. I love the customization options provided by Opera and it is on its way to becoming my daily browser. One feature I miss from Opera is the ability to save the tabs of the current window only, when saving a session. Currently when I save a session all the windows are included in the saved session. Is it possible to give an option to save only the current window tabs when saving a session. Have attached a screenshot from Opera 12.17. Regards, Sumeet [attachment=3526]ActiveWindowsession.jpg[/attachment] Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/80397/ActiveWindowsession.jpg[/img]

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    I am sure improvements to sessions will come in due course.

    It's not particularly difficult to work around this problem. Just close the other windows before saving the session, then reopen them from the Trash.

  • Seem a resonable request.

    I'll try to ping some devs about it.

  • Yes Pesala, that's the way I currently do it. Would be great to have the feature though. Thanks Solutor hope it makes it into the session manager.
    Thanks guys!!

  • Hi Sumeet. I agree with the other comments, but thought i'd mention this workaround for your consideration, til we get the better native functionality. Install the Session Buddy extension from the Chrome Extension Store. Tis certainly not perfect, but it's very handy all the same… like you i long for V to become the definitive session manager.

  • Thank you Steffie!! Will definitely try out the extension.

  • +1 for this feature. As for now there's no way to systematically separate logically connected tabs. Nor in sessions, nor by stacking.

    Also I guess it would be fine, if with only windows this option would be saved within session. So when I select this kind of "current window" session, option "Open session in a new window" would be checked automatically. Also it would be nice to have main option to implicit check "Open session in a new window".

    Also I would like to ask for option to overwrite existing saved session.


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