Devs: Help, no MP3 playback without hardware acceleration

  • Hi! Another issue: I am also a hobbyist music reviewer on a page called [url=]Battle of the Bits[/url] but as my machine on which i listen to music is unable to have hardware acceleration at all activated, MP3 playback fails on that page, on online radios and some other pages. If i use my old browser Chrome i can do that without problems, but not in Vivaldi. Are the developers aware of that issue? Will it be fixed? There are posts at several blog entries about that issue and always many upvotes, but no developer so far has addressed that issue. Would be nice to get an answer from one official if that can be fixed or this is a Chromium bug or whatever. Thanks! CG

  • For better understanding.. with hardware acceleration i mean the entries in Vivaldi://gpu - I can not switch them to active. Still, it does not make sense that it impacts playing audio files.

    So, is there a solution upcoming from a technical point of view? Please?

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    Yes, strange, Vivaldi does not play, but Chrome does.
    MP3 and MP4 dont work without Hardwareaccel.

    I pinged a dev, they will have a look at the issue.

  • Thank you very much, i really hope that can be fixed.

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    With the 32bit version of Vivaldi no hardware acceleration is needed to play MP3. plays fine.

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    The code database for 64bit (derived from Chromium) may have a bug, the 32bit not. Thats all.


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