"Use Selection for Find" and popup bubbles for dictionary lookups

  • So far I'm enjoying Vivaldi quite a bit. But on OS X, there's two behaviors that are inconsistent with the rest of the operating system that constantly mess me up. One is the lack of a "Use Selection for Find" menu option. This command is usually bound to Command+E, and should set the "Find in page" text to whatever the currently selected text is. This is very useful, especially for power users, and comes up in a lot of other applications and OS's as well. I'm guessing that this wouldn't be a hard feature to add. The second issue is that looking up words in the dictionary by hovering the cursor over a word and pressing Command+Control+D doesn't work. This should trigger a popup window that's standard for the whole OS. (You can trigger it in Safari or TextEdit, and other browsers including Chrome.) It can also be triggered by three finger tapping on an Apple magic trackpad, which I believe other people have reported as not working, but I specifically care about Command+Control+D.

  • I would definitely switch to Vivaldi if the popup bubble was added. This is such a useful function and it should also be triggered using tap with three fingers (on Trackpad, if user enabled it in system preference).


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