Some addons not working

  • I'm trying to get away from Mozilla Firefox because it's laggy and slow and the experience gets worse from me every time. Eventhough, in terms of productivity, having good addons and extensions make Mozilla something of its own. I'm really hoping we can have the same or better experience with addons. I specially use GOOGLE CALENDAR addon in FF alot, every day. I have tried to install that on Vivaldi but it just DONT WORK. As you can see in the picture 1, I have installed an addon [attachment=3520]2016-05-05.png[/attachment] but in Picture 2 you will see there is no log in Vivaldi of such install, so there is no way to uninstall it (because nothing happened after install it anyway). [attachment=3521]2016-05-05(1).png[/attachment] Then I tried a second addon for google calendar, but as you can see, the page reamins blank while trying to login (eventhough I'm logged in to google account). [attachment=3522]2016-05-05(2).png[/attachment] This is super annoying....hope you guys can help me to find a solution o it. Thanks Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img],[img][/img]

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