Open in new tab and password in clear questions

  • Hello Everyone! I am adopting Vivaldi over FF (user since v 1.5, but the its "applisation" dragged me away), and I am missing 2 basic things: 1. when I open a link while holding CTRL (to open in new tab), is it possible to NOT switch to this new tab? 2. Is it possible to see my passwords in clear in Vivaldi? Thanks in advance!

    1. Maybe I misunderstand the question, but the default for CTRL-left-click should do what you want–--open a new tab in the background. Have you installed some extension which may have changed it?

    2. In the address bar, put


    then hit "enter" and you'll get a page where you can show each password when you click on it.

  • Thanks for the passwords thingy, it helped!

    Regarding the tab issue, I still can't figure out why it's behaving against what it is supposed to. I have check available shortcuts, and this one does not appear in it, and when it's about extensions I don't have a lot: adblock, https everywhere, Cookie killer for Facebook, Cookie Manager, Disconnect and Random (hide) user agent, none of which would be involved in this behavior …

    EDIT: I solved the issue by removing the Adobe/PDF extension which I didn't know install itself (b****), and then started to disable all extensions: problem was solved. Then reenabling one extension at a time and restart, but I could not isolate the issue to a specific extension. Nevertheless, my problem is solved now, so thanks!

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