Doesn't resolve local addresses that aren't "localhost"

  • Hi, First off, an obligatory "well done, this browser is amazing" comment. Absolutely love Vivaldi, it's quickly gone from "I'll try this out" to the default browser ... Anyway, a slight bug. I have some servers here that I do web development on, but when I type in an address, eg: "cmftgen7:2000/~algy/webapp/" It searches for that in my default search engine (duckduckgo). Would it be possible to try everything as a web address before it does a search (or have an option in the settings to do this)? To me, the above looks like a web address, and on other browsers (eg firefox) resolves well. As a side note ... I also have a similar problem when accessing our intranet site ("//staffnet") -- when I type in "staffnet", it does a search for that. That's understandable, but it would be megacool if it didn't do a search for it, even if I had to manually tell the browser how to interpret these - eg: "staffnet" means "//staffnet" "cmftgen7" means "//cmftgen7" and maybe even "email" means "" "work" means "" "personal" means "" you get the idea ...

  • I don't have an intranet to check on, but would setting these addresses as bookmarks (with the short form as a nickname) not do what you want?

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    This bug with hostnames is well-known.
    VB-5507 "hostname/path in address bar leads to default search instead of LAN site (local domains)"

    No solution yet implemented. Please wait.


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