Device mode & Mobile emulation in Developer tools

  • Where this button or how to enable it as described in ?

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    The button is lost in Vivaldi Developer Tools, thats a known bug. Currently no solution.
    We apologize this behavior of Vivaldi, a fix will come.

  • Vivaldi is really great, and I use it as my everyday browser. This bug, however, prevents me from using it as a dev browser. After fixing that, I think the browser is perfect.

  • Yep, its getting painful, especially that for me Vivaldi is my daily browser, this function missing is really, really burdensome.

  • any news? 😞

  • +1 for Mobile-Emulation

  • The handy toggle button that Chrome has isn't as necessary as the basic viewport emulation functionality, which Vivaldi actually had until recently (as previously noted). The absence of the "Emulation" tab in the bottom pane of DevTools (as of snapshot 1.3.519.25) is a re-regression that happened at some point since the fix mentioned in the changelog for April's snapshot 1.1.443.3 ("[Regression] Emulation tab in Developer Tools disappeared (VB-14710)").

  • Hi There,

    I'm also very interested in seeing the "Device Mode" return to the developer tools. I'm a full time web developer and I heavily rely on this tool to test on mobile devices. Believe it or not, simply shrinking the screen down does not emulate the device behavior in the same way as this tool.

    I seem to remember reading that enabling this option is really a matter of turning on a compile time flag when building Chromium. Perhaps this isn't accurate - but if it really is that simple I would hope the Vivaldi team could turn this option on for the next build.

    Thanks so much, I really do love the browser!


  • @Gwen-Dragon:

    The button is lost in Vivaldi Developer Tools, thats a known bug. Currently no solution.
    We apologize this behavior of Vivaldi, a fix will come.

    Will this be fixed in a soon-to-be-released snapshot or will we have to wait until another stable release? 🙂

  • How is this not the #1 issue right now?

    I'm guessing a lot of Vivaldi users don't do web development?

    I can't live without this button, letting me quickly emulate screens at a higher resolution than I have. Letting you toggle between many different screen resolutions rapidly.

    Only thing stopping everyone I know from switching. Love Vivaldi otherwise, but it's missing a breaking feature.

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    You're right. The vast, vast majority of Vivaldi users don't do web development.

  • I do agree that most users aren't web developers, but I still think this is a very important feature to have.

    Part of the reason I had originally switched away from FireFox to Chrome was because of the amazing built in developer tools that were included directly in Chrome. I didn't need to install an additional extension (e.g. Firebug) to be effective within the browser. I think it's within Vivaldi's best interest to attract developers as well as regular users.

    One thing I just wanted to mention again is that I've read that enabling this option is really just a matter of changing some switches at compile time (for Chromium). Perhaps this is completely false, but if it is that simple perhaps we can get this issue quickly resolved?


  • +1 for a developer who is in dire need of this button when working. I've grown fond of Vivaldi, and would prefer to appoint it to my primo browser, but not without this feature. Hopefully it will garner the attention of the team again.

  • +1 from me. We are a small sw dev company, and we used to love O12 back in the old days. No major browser has been able to catch up in last three years when it comes to features. Vivaldi brings back lots of features we have been missing, but mobile emulation is the only problem that prevents us from switching and using Vivaldi as primary browser.

    Until this is resolved, Vivaldi will be a cool toy to play with, but unfortunately not a work tool. I'm really looking forward to have this fixed ....

  • Maybe you guys don't know your user base as well as you think you do. I'm a developer and I use Vivaldi everyday. But, it's really annoying that what should be considered a basic feature is absent, and I have to run Chrome or Firefox all the time. Get with the program people!

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    Please use 1.10 Snapshot, it is already in.


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