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  • Evening all, I am currently using version 1.1.453.52 and I have found when I try to go to bing maps and google photos, I get the error message - your browser is not supported and they proceed to give me a list of browsers that are supported. Is there any settings I can change to get them to recognize that I am using the best browser available? Thanks -j.

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    I don't get that message - so I'm not sure just what you could do. Are you running any user agent spoofing software? Script blocking or ad blocking extensions?

  • Thank you for responding…I use Fair AdBlock by Stands. It is an extension from the Chrome webstore. No script blocker installed.

  • I just tried to go to those sites with the ad blocker disabled…same error message.

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    I can't explain it. It works fine here.

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    I tried 1.1 Final with fresh profile: Google Photo and Bing Maps works fine even with the extension "Fair AdBlock by Stands".

    What does the useragent show if you visit:

  • Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; tr-TR) AppleWebKit/533.20.25 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.4 Safari/533.20.27

    Here is what the page at google photos shows:

    Update your browser
    Install any of the following browsers to use Google Photos. More about browsers

    Google Chrome

    Internet Explorer


    ©2016 Google - Privacy Policy

    I can go to any other google page without problems,

    I can go to any Bing site, except maps:

    Bing Maps is not available on your browser/operating system

    You can access Bing Maps from Internet Explorer 7 and above, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome on PC or tablet, or Safari using a Mac or iPad.

    I am on a Lenovo Flex II 15 with windows 10 and to make things a little more complicated…I just tried to go to those sites with my other compy, and everything worked fine.

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    But that is not a Vivaldi browser useragent (=browser id)!
    You use some extension or command line parameter to change the useragent.

    You use a Safari browser or you fake Vivaldi as a Safari browser.
    See Safari useragent

    Please let you explain the problem in our turkish speaking forum at

  • Gwen_Dragon…If something was changed about the useragent, it was an accident or done unknowingly, because although I am computer literate, I would not know how to do that to a browser...Do you have any suggestions for fixing?

    and THANK YOU for all your help!!!


  • Afternoon G-D, I think I have fixed the problem. I completely deleted Vivaldi and it's settings from this computer, and got the .exe file from my other computer that was working like it should, and installed that file. So far, everything is as it I didn't install all the extensions that I had on the other copy THANK YOU for all your help!!


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