Keyboard shortcuts for extensions is ineffective

  • I've been using Vivaldi for over a month. I love it! Still, the only flaw that keeps it from being my default browser is that it do not support keyboard shortcuts for extension. I use a web highlighter tool a lot in Chrome, so it's of great importance to me. There's a setting page for shortcuts of extension, exactly the same settings page as in Chrome. But whatever shortcuts I defined in settings, it's ineffective. I'm quite sure the shortcuts I defined are not contradictory with the Vivaldi's default keyboard shortcuts. Is it just me? Or if it's a problem when it's likely to be fixed?

  • I solved it.
    Just switch the keyboard shortcuts valid for "global", the default is "in vivaldi".

  • That's good.

    On this forum you can edit your first post at any time to change the icon.


    • Default = General, Discussion
    • Yellow Exclamation = Bug
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  • Sorry. I intended to use the question mark. But I mistakenly thought the according indicator was after the topic icon.

  • Yes, it's not too obvious. That's why I took the trouble to list them all, hoping that a few others will also read this thread.

  • Vivaldi is the only Chrome based browser I am using, so changing the keyboard shortcut to 'global' validity is not an available option, so I cannot make the extension keyboard shortcut work. Any other workaround?

  • @cheeseburger Hi Cheeseburger, I tried your method on my Vivaldi but the "In vivaldi" button was gray.... Any good solution to for problem?

  • I have the same issue; "In Vivaldi" is greyed out, and I can't use the hotkeys I assign! It's very frustrating...

  • Yes, i dislike it, too.
    That is the unfixed bug VB-14668 "Extensions' keyboard shortcuts don't work"
    No progress as i can see. :(

  • It's interesting that there was a workaround available. But despite having opera stable installed, I'm not able to make it work. Does the second browser need to be chrome or chromium itself?

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