Random Bugs

  • Google sheets - When using Google Sheets in Vivaldi, command F to search in Vivaldi isn't yielding to the spreadsheet search the way it does in Chrome. Pop up exceptions - When a pop up is blocked and you click on the little notification icon in the url bar, it gives you a link to the pop up and an option to always allow pop ups from this particular domain. It doesn't seem to be remembering that choice to allow popups, because I've repeated that process over and over for at least 2 domains.

  • Moderator

    For the Cmd F problem:
    try to disable shortcuts in vivaldi://settings/keyboard/

    For popup blocker:
    Click on the globe (or in case of secure site the lock) in adrdess field and you ca set for this domain the popup rules.
    Or open chrome://settings/content and at section Popup add a exception for a domain.

  • Google Sheets search issue in Windows version, too. I imagine this is a bug that affects a large number of users. Has anyone found a workaround? Other that this bug, Vivaldi is running flawlessly for me.

    To reproduce…


    • pull up google sheets in vivaldi
    • do a ctrl-f. note that it pulls up vivaldi's search instead of google sheets's search
    • search for one of the actual fields, note that it doesn't find it in the vivaldi search


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