Vivaldi-snapshot 1.2.470.11 Bookmarks problem

  • Hello, I have a very specific issue with bookmarks in the last snapshot that I'm going to try to explain. I have too many bookmarks in my bookmarks bar so that they can't be all displayed within the width of the bar, thus there is a drop down menu on the upper right corner for the remaining bookmarks (marked by a >>). The problem is that since this last snapshot, clicking on a bookmark inside this drop down menu does not open it any more (basically it does nothing). All other bookmarks (those displayed on the bookmarks bar or which are in a subfolder) open normally. Is anybody else able to reproduce this? Thanks in advance.

  • Same problem (but on Win7 -64) was reported by Blackbird on the Snapshot Blog.

    Can't link specific post but see

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    For me it is not always possible to rename a bookmark. :(

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    It is always possible. If you are in the side panel, just click on the blue editing pen at the top of the panel after you type your new name. If you are in the bookmark manager, just click on the nickname or description field after you type your new name. If you are on the bookmark bar, just click any empty space after you type your new name.

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    Hi guys.

    I am not having this problem in the latest internal dev build so it seems to have been fixed. I'll keep an eye on it though! :)


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    You are not clicking on the blue pen at the top to save the edit and close editing after each name change.. That is what you need to do.

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    Váááóó. In my dream, I had no idea.
    Since there is already so I knew that if I wanted something to enforce, you can push enter.
    So little confusing, and perhaps also complicated. But Thank You!

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    Glad you got it. If you read my reply about four comments above, you can see how to save changes in each of the three locations where you can edit bookmark titles. Frustratingly, it is different for each location, until a couple of bugs are fixed.

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