Add ad-block as native feature in Vivaldi

  • Is there some plan to integrate an ad-blocker inside vivaldi engine? Just like what Opera did? Im running latest vivaldi and latest opera and opera is freaking faster than any other brosers because this ad-block-thing implemented. Please, consider the same thing to be built in vivaldi. Ok? Please, atleast consider this feature...

  • Moderator

    Yes, we know Opera has this and that. … 😉 Not easy to create a browser and be running faster than Opera ASA.
    But we are ware about such wishes.

    I hope in a next Final (with big version number) a internal adblocker may come. But i dont know a internal timeline yet, as external adblockers work fine the prio is low to add a internal.

  • Hi,
    I don't know if there are plans for that, but I don't think that ad-block functionality should be integrated into Vivaldi. You can just download nearly every Chrome addon you'll find out there. I highly recommend uBlock Origin:

    Regards Ysg


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