Startup Page Replacement - Speed Dial Improvements

  • It's common knowledge here that other Speed Dial add-ons more robust than the native one in Vivaldi. However, it appears to not be possible to cleanly replace the native startup page with a different speed dial add-on. One example of better is FVD Speed Dial (mentioned here before). Firefox, Chrome, and Opera (that I've used), cleanly display only the FVD Speed Dial tab when starting the browser, and I get another FVD tab when using those browsers 'new tab' buttons. How can I get a clean implementation of a replacement startup/newtab page in Vivaldi (preferably FVD Speed Dial)?

  • It would also be good to have the option to load a URL in new tabs (e.g. local html page) or nothing at all i.e. empty window. Personally I never use speed dial.

  • What confuses me, there is a 'vivaldi://newtab/' among other 'chrome' listings; apart from the new tab button which launches a speed dial page; and apart from the user set homepage [menu > tools > settings] choice availability. More confusing, if wanting that vivaldi://newtab as a bookmark that is easy, but how to set a different newtab variable remains unclear to me.

    FireFox and its forks have about:config > search = newtab as a way to alter the newtab apart from using an add-on. The Chromium browser family of forks, if having an equilivant "getting hands dirty" possibility at all, has it available in ways I do not know.

    I think chromium launch variables [switches] when using a command line are published on the web, but that is no help to users not comfortable with command line use. Because Vivaldi [and the present Opera fork of Chromium] use code apart from the generic newtab provisions in Chromium, to enable a speed dial, it seems futile for a fraction of users to want something else from Vivaldi.


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