• [b]Hello, Do you plan to add some modulation for ongoing and completed downloads? You must manually check the progress of the download. Also, it would be better for the downloaded files do not show the location on the disk but the file name. Location is very long and multiple files is necessary to extend the window for file identification.[/b]

  • Hi, its great news that good old opera (12.XX) will be back, i dont like shitty chrome and other chromelike shitty browsers. I really miss functions like mouse gestures - hold left+click right/hold right+click left - fastest forward and backward viewing. Another missing feature is download function named OPEN FILE, IE is only browser that still using this option. When i download something that i dont want to store, easily use open file a nd its downloaded to temp folder and imediately opened and if for files that i really want to download and store use SAVE AS and define destination(default last known)…using chrome is really pain in the ass with downloading and leaving download folder in real mess. Please bring opera back and kill that useless crap from google. THX

    hell yeah! open option is back, i am starting to love this browser :D but options are really thin, that need a lot of work but, good job for now

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