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  • Need some help on this one. When I start Vivaldi (developersbuild) a window pops up saying: Your profile can not be openend correctly. Check whether your profile exists and you have rights for its contents. No doubts my profile exists and that there is a lot of information stored in it. How to solve this problem? And what is the cause of it? (so I may be able to prevend it happens again).

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    I heared about such issue with Linuxes. You use Linux Mint?
    Seems to be a Chromium bug with GNOME keyring. That bug blocks some files.

    First shutwion all running Vivaldi procceses in shell:
    killall vivaldi-bin

    Perhaps for a test it helps if you start from shell with
    vivaldi –password-store=basic
    vivaldi –password-store=default

    But why do you use a vivaldi developer build?
    Please update to vivaldi-stable

  • Thanks, Gwen-Dragon, for the suggestions.

    I am using Ubuntu 14.40. LTS is important to me.

    I did a further discovery. After I had rebooted my machine the problem was gone, but then after updating to the latest Snapshot the problem re-appeared. I did a reboot and again the problem was gone.

    If after a next update the problem re-appears I will execute your suggestions.

    I have installed Vivaldi 1.1 stable on my machine as well, but it causes other kind of problems that I don't have in Snapshot.

    Despite the current problems I think Vivaldi is a great browser and becoming even more so with every update.

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    I heared about such problems with Linux Mint (a Ubuntu/Debian clone).
    May be this is a bug with libsecret. With libsecret-0.18.5 the problem should go

    Update it with:
    sudo apt-get install libsecret libsecret-common

    –-- NO GARANTEE ----
    Perhaps that helps:

    But beware, you have to know what you do and can get problems with your installation of Ubuntu!


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