Feature Suggestions [ For: Privacy, Tabs, Menu, Bookmarks ]

  • There are features and a layout in Firefox 3 that I miss. Vivaldi comes close. But there are some features that I'll like to see and use again. [ Security ] Separate Web and Download history. (I like the options to remember web pages but not completed downloads.) Option to Clear Private Data when Vivaldi is closed. (I simply click the X button (Or File/Exit) and no worries.) [ Tabs ] Option to Hide Tabs when only one is open. Option to put Tabs under Address bar. [ Menu ] Option to put the Horizontal Main Menu under the Title bar. [ Bookmarks ] Option to pin Bookmarks to the rite/left of the Horizontal Main Menu bar. (If menu is set under the Title bar) More placement options for Bookmarks Bar. (Eg: Under Title and/or Menu bars.)


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