SOLVED: Missing scroll bars when viewing big pictures

  • Hello, when viewing big pictures in Vivaldi there are no scroll bars. 😞 Greets

  • Moderator

    That's not my experience.

    Maybe you clicked on the picture to fit it to the width or height? That would remove one of the scroll bars.

  • EDIT: I've played around and came up with the following solution: Middle mouse/scroll wheel hold down and move the mouse corrected the view port. SOLVED

  • Info:

    I have vivaldi://flags/#overlay-scrollbars activated. This removes the scroll bars! Together with middle mouse-button move a very good solution as the grey scroll bars are not very nice in the dark ui.

  • Moderator

    Thanks. Removing the scroll bars is useful to me too as I do not need them. Scrolling with the middle-mouse is fast on long pages, and for large pictures that is far more comfortable than using the scroll wheel.

    I have the panels on the right, so quick access to the vertical scroll bar was never perfect .


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