How Do I Open Links in the Background

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    [b][size=4]This is just an example of how to ask a question in these forums[/size][/b] How do I open links in a background tab?

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    There are several methods

    • Ctrl + Click on the link
    • Middle-click on the link
    • Right-click on the link, and select Open in background tab
    • GestureDown, GestureUp, i.e.Hold down the right mouse button, and drag the mouse cursor straight down, then up again

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    With the latest build it is now possible to edit mouse gestures.

    I deleted the "New Tab/Open Link in New Tab" gesture (GestureDown/GestureUp) then assigned GestureDown to "Clone Tab in Background/Open link in Background Tab." Then I added the "New Tab/Open Link in new tab" back again and assigned GestureDown, GestureRight to it.

    I prefer this to the default as it is convenient if you want to open several links from the same tab for reading later. If I want to read something at once, I just click the link to open it, then use back (GestureLeft) to close it when I am done.


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