Open Settings at Last Used Tab

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    [size=4][b]This is just an example of how to make a feature request in these forums[/b][/size] [b]Steps to reproduce: [/b] [ol] [li]Open the settings dialogue[/li] [li]Select one of the tabs, e.g. Keyboard[/li] [li]Modify something, and close the dialogue[/li] [li]Reopen the settings dialogue[/li] [/ol] [b]Actual behaviour: [/b] Dialogue opens at the top every time [b]Improvement: [/b] Reopen the dialogue at the last used position as in Opera 12.17 with Show Preferences, -1 [b]Already submitted as:[/b] (VB-15530)

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    If, after discussing the feature request in these forums, you decide to go ahead and submit it to the Bug Report Wizard, (Yes. Feature Requests can also be submitted there) please report back by posting the bug report number as I have done above, then no one else needs to report it again.

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    Another problem with the settings tab is that it forgets its size on being reopened. This may be OK if the UI zoom is set to 100% but I set mine to 120% so the dialogue needs to be a bit wider to fit two columns of controls. I have already submitted this feature request as:

    (VB-16517) Settings Dialogue Does Not Remember its Size

    There's also no way to open help from the dialogue. F1 does nothing.

    (VB-16346) Help Does Not Open from Settings Dialogue


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