Option for normal window instead of custom draw

  • Vivaldi on Windows draws it's own window instead of using a native window title bar, so that it can save 30 pixels of vertical space. It causes too many problems though and I'd just rather have a regular, native window like Internet Explorer. Here are some of the problems with Vivaldi's custom drawn window. - Can't drag the window across the entire title bar with the menu showing. - Can't double-click in the upper-left corner of a maximized VIvaldi window. Every other application on my OS closes the window when I do that. Vivaldi shows the File menu instead. - On WIndows touch devices, a maximized Vivaldi window occasionally cannot be closed by touching the X in the upper-right corner. Chrome and Firefox have the same problem because they also custom draw their window. In short, I would just like a regular, native window...not a custom drawn, custom themed window. I would like a browser that just fits into my operating system and does not try to create a whole new look. A simple native window would naturally follow the rules of the OS without any extra work. By custom drawing your window, you are breaking Windows standards.

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