(Bug) Vivaldi doesn't respond, process unkillable

  • Hello everyone! I just recently got introduced to Vivaldi and am really enjoying it, but there's one rather annoying issue which started occuring and is keeping me from using it as my standard. I looked a bit through the forum but couldn't find a thread which describes the issue I'm having, so it could be that I haven't looked hard enough and I'm just repeating what someone else said. Anyways, I should get to the point: Vivaldi sometimes (twice today) crashes in a way where the window looks normal, except it's impossible to perform any actions in it (the browser stops reacting to my mouse movements and inputs). I am able to close the window, but closing the process through task manager is impossible. Restarting my PC fixed the issue, but that's really not the solution I want to rely on. I am running Windows 7 64-bit and have 2 tabs plus one through the panel on the side open on average. I can't pinpoint what's causing the strange crashes, but I'll share some observations regardless. Maybe they're useful in figuring out where the problem lies, maybe they're completely unrelated: -both times I had a youtube video playing (with HTML5) in one of my open tabs (not on the panel tab) -with the unkillable pocess still running I was working on something using paint.net, when that too crashed in the same way as Vivaldi did, right as I was dropping an image file in the window. This never happened before. -firefox seems to be having trouble loading webpages after a certain uptime if the unkillable process is up (yes, I do have internet connection and firefox isn't blocked in my firewall)


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