More granular UI element control

  • First, love Vivaldi. Tusen Takk! Takk fyrir! Thank you! I've replaced Chrome. I miss Vivaldi already when using mobile devices. The very cool stated objective on the main webpage and the intro video from the CEO is "Customize Everything". In that vein: I would like to have a button in Address Bar to toggle the panel on-off. Yes there is a "show panel toggle", but in the default no-border window and the color scheme I prefer I can barely see it. I have a 34" 4K monitor and I have to really position the mouse exactly right to click on it vs. resize. It is hard to see and use. I'm not a fan of Firefox - but their UI for the toolbar configuration is pretty well done. Users can select what they want or not. I've added custom CSS to remove the home button. I will never use that. Since there is a Settings "Enable Fast Forward and Rewind" and "Show address bar"- why not something for every element AND make it extensible for extension icons too? Finally I'd much prefer a History page, a Bookmarks dropdown, a download statusbar and Notes popup window and not in the panel. It would be another nice option among the toolbar options. Customize Everything!


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