Open In New Tab Feature Request (Allow User to Stay on Original Page Tab is being Opened From)

  • :unsure: Is it possible to create a setting in tabs so that one is not automatically sent the a new tab when it is created by right clicking a link? Or if such a setting already exists, tell me where to find it (if it does, I can't find it)? Here's the use case... I often go to a news site and scan the headlines to open the articles I am interested in, in new tabs. Then I go to these tabs to read them after I have opened all of my links of interest. However, In Vivaldi, every time I right click a link and tell it to open the link in a new tab, I am immediately switched to the new tab and have to click back to the main news page and find my place to continue scanning for more articles. Frustrating! Other than that, Vivaldi is amazing! Goodbye Firefox... after many, many many, really good years and two years of non-stop frustration and deaf ears. Nice job!

  • Welcome to the forum KLear101!

    To accomplish your use case the easiest way is to use the middle button of the mouse. A middle click opens the web page in a background tab. If you don't use a mouse or it doesn't have a middle button, you can hold CTRL and left click. That is also opening a link in a background tab.

  • :lol: Aha! And I see I can also right click and choose the "Open Link in Background Tab" option.

    This is great, thanks!

  • There is also
    MouseGesture (MouseDown, MouseUp).

  • Was wondering the same my self, but as long as i can use middle mouse button to open it without going to the page, im good 🙂

    Thanks 🙂


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