Help/Feature Request - Double clicking the tab bar

  • Hi, is there an option to stop Vivaldi from making a new tab when I double click the tab bar, I would like it so that it only resizes the window? Thanks

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    Haha ha! I have seen multiple complaints of "Dammit! Vivaldi just re-sizes when I click the tab bar! It doesn't make a new tab!" Yours is the first I have seen the other way around.

    I don't know how to make it behave one way or the other. It seems to be a bug right now that affects only Mac users. There is no setting for it.

    Edit: I experimented a bit, here. Here on Windows 10, if I have tabs on the top, and double-click the tab bar, it re-sizes the broswer - that is all. If I switch to Native Window (remember to re-start the browser) then a double click on the title bar re-sizes the browser, but a double-click on the tab bar not only re-sizes the browser, but also creates a new tab. If I have the tabs on the side, then a double-click on the title bar (any title bar, native or Vivaldi) re-sizes the browser and a double-click on the tab bar creates a new tab.

    Obviously, this could use a little cleanup in the code.

  • Yeah, that was my exact thought reading through the forums.

    In response to your suggestion, what's Native Window?

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    It's an option in Settings/Appearance. It lets you put Vivaldi's non-native UI inside a window native to the system.

  • I second this. It drives me nuts! Also, it doesn't resize nicely on double tap either. If I'm using 2 windows it's especially messy. I never know which window it'll resize into, regardless of where I dragged it to first!


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