Latest download warned of malware

  • I'm sure this is probably a false positive, but I just downloaded the latest update to Vivladi for Windows and Windows Defender indicated it contained (or was, its not clear) the malware: "Trojan:Win32/Zulsuhal.E!cl". [img][/img] Just curious if anyone else has seen this or if maybe I need to dig deeper into my own computer for a pre-existing infection.

  • That happened frequently in the past.

    Being Vivaldi updated so frequently it's hard to keep up, and false positive happens.

  • Just to add to this, since updating to the latest version of Vivaldi, I've had 2 Windows Defender reports of malware being removed (same name, "Trojan:Win32/Zulsuhal.E!cl") as well.

    I was worried for a bit but it looks like everything's ok?

  • I only had the one, and I ran a full scan afterwards with no further detections, so I'm pretty comfortable that my system is clean anyways.

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    As i heared a Vivaldi Developer will contact Microsoft for this false detection.

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